The Sustainable Dairy

Direct Milk is the leading dairy supplier when it comes to sustainability. With a 40kw solar power system installed in 2019 and all lighting replaced with LEDs we have reduced our electricity consumption by over half.

All our vehicles are to the highest emission standards, including our hybrid lorry with its fridge powered by the solar from our panels.

We also have an exciting project for 2020/21 where our carbon footprint will be offset through our own native tree planting and any remaining carbon footprint will be offset to make us fully carbon neutral.To view more of what we do to help the environment we live in please click here.

Free Range & Organic Milk

Direct Milk stock a wide range of organic dairy products and are the leading supplier of Free Range milk to London and the surrounding areas.

Free Range milk, under the pasture promise guarantees the cows are able to graze for at least 6 months of the year along with higher welfare standards and paying the farmers a premium in order to guarantee a sustainable future for dairy farming.

Organic milk not only guarantees the product is certified organic but that the animals receive the highest welfare standards as well

Locally sourced & Family run suppliers

At Direct Milk we champion British and local produce with over 90% of our product range being British along with many of our suppliers being family run businesses.

Two great examples of this are our yogurt supplier and soft cheese supplier.

Tims Dairy has been supplying us for over 20 years with delicious, top quality yogurts. Run by the 4 Timotheou brothers and only 15 miles from our depot

Longley Farm based in Holmfirth Yorkshire is a family run business supplying us with outstanding soft cheese amongst other products.

Recycle, Re-use & Reduce

The Three R's are fundamental to our sustainability goals .

Direct Milk Recycle over 98% of waste produced on site. From paper, carboard, bottles and soft plastic wrapping.

Direct Milk are helping to Re-use packaging by now offer milk in glass bottles.

Direct Milk are Reducing waste by donating all excess but usable food to our local foodbank.

Sustainable Restaurant Association

With our commitment to a sustainable future there was no better group to join than the Sustainable restaurant Association. Direct Milk are proud to be a listed approved supplier of the SRA.

Food Bank & Charity

Direct Milk donates all of its usable short dated and excess food to its food banks. We also support several charities focused around climate change.

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